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It’s Not Happening Here But It’s Happening Now – Part 2

In an earlier essay I considered Dawn Woolley’s (1) analysis of the Walker Agency’s 2006 Amnesty International advertising campaign Not Here But Now (here) and was interested to see that she positioned her conclusions in the context of Susan Sontag’s argument, expressed over … Continue reading

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A3 Research: Insiders and Outsiders

“One is either a participant in unquestioned rites or a detached observer of them. To hold back midway from either of those positions is to temporise” (1: p.210) Without specifically referring to insiders or outsiders Max Kozloff (1) draws a … Continue reading

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Following on from researching John Szarkowski’s concept of categorising photographs into mirrors or windows (see here) this exercise delves into my archive to find photographs that represent the second of these two view points, the window, having previously looked at mirrors here. A photograph that might be … Continue reading

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