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A4 Research: John Goto Capital Arcade

Staying with the theme of digital art based on photography I have been considering the work of John Goto, a British artist who extensively uses his own photographs to create montages that represent social and political critiques. In my earlier … Continue reading

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Assignment 3: Un Altro Paese

Un Altro Paese – Montefino 2016 Twelve years ago I was working for an international company, travelling extensively, inhabiting bland contemporary offices, chain hotels, the latest best restaurant in town, motorways and airports communicating ceaselessly by mobile phone, conference call, … Continue reading

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Followup to Failed Covert Exercise

A fellow student (thank you Emma) reacted to the picture above when it was included within the Covert Exercise That Failed; following her comment I have reviewed the raw images and created this mini-series shown below. Having recently read Marc Augé essay on supermodernity (1) I … Continue reading

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Whilst researching Philip-Lorca diCorsia I came across the concept of supermodernity and non-places. Ëlisabeth Couturier (1) believes that diCorsia’s photographs explore the environment of a uniform universe, stereotypical zones in which we play out essentially artificial lives crossing paths with other people … Continue reading

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