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Fact or Fiction

At the beginning of the fifth and last chapter of the course we are challenged with a series of questions regarding our photographic practice; Do you tend towards fact or fiction? How could you blend your approach? And, Where is … Continue reading

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A5 Research: Denis Thorpe – The Shepherd’s Year

I have been broadening my net looking for photographers who have produced notable studies of farmers. My tutor suggested looking at Denis Thorpe’s 1979 book The Shepherd’s Year (1) on which he collaborated with the journalist Alan Dunn. I was luckily … Continue reading

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John Goto: Lover’s Rock

Continuing with the theme of digital art based on photography I have been considering the work of John Goto, a British artist who extensively uses his own photographs to create montages that represent social and political critiques. However, before looking at … Continue reading

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Rhetoric of the Image

Johnathan Culler (1) suggests that the cultural theorist Roland Barthes (1915 – 1980), outside France at least, has replaced Jean Paul Sartre as the leading French intellectual; whilst soon after his death, The New York Times described him as “one of the high … Continue reading

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The Verbal and Visual in Concert

The obvious place to start exploring the relationship between image and text might be captions and titles, whole books have been dedicated to the subject, but my starting point is the less commonly seen and rarely mastered work where the verbal and visual … Continue reading

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A3 Research: Insiders and Outsiders

“One is either a participant in unquestioned rites or a detached observer of them. To hold back midway from either of those positions is to temporise” (1: p.210) Without specifically referring to insiders or outsiders Max Kozloff (1) draws a … Continue reading

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The Family Gaze

Photography is inseparable from time. These portraits record the appearance of the subjects at seven discrete moments in time; an eighth fixed moment has been added by bringing them together in a single image and the viewer will establish a … Continue reading

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