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Same Background Different Model

Driving through Guildford last week I noticed that one of the shopping centres had posted a series of large scale posters with the tag line “What’s Your Fashion Statement?” which reminded me of Hans Eijkelboom’s ideas if not of his photos. … Continue reading

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The Covert Exercise That Failed

Having looked at Walker Evans’ subway series (here) and Hans Eijkelboom’s People of the Twenty First Century (here) I wanted to try working with a concealed camera. Using a small mirror less DSLR hanging from my neck and a remote release … Continue reading

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Whilst researching Philip-Lorca diCorsia I came across the concept of supermodernity and non-places. Ëlisabeth Couturier (1) believes that diCorsia’s photographs explore the environment of a uniform universe, stereotypical zones in which we play out essentially artificial lives crossing paths with other people … Continue reading

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The Unaware, Some Strategies

In Camera Lucida (1) Roland Barthes discusses his reaction to being photographed. He describes how once he feels himself “observed by the lens, everything changes. I constitute myself in the process of posing, I transform myself into an image”. Some photographers … Continue reading

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Hans Eijkelboom: People of The Twenty-First Century

As one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century August Sander (here), has inspired a diverse group of practitioners across several generations including Diane Arbus, Andreas Gursky, the Bechers and Irving Penn but perhaps his work’s most direct descendant is a conceptual … Continue reading

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