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A4 Research: A Little More on Twenty-Six

In 1992 Jeff Brouws paid homage to Ruscha with Twentysix Abandoned Gasoline Stations (1) (i), a series that has great similarity to Ruscha’s original work using black and white photographs and a mixture of angles and compositions. Brouws presents his series in typology … Continue reading

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A4 Research-Led Process: Twenty-Six Polling Stations

Twenty-six is a significant number in contemporary photography, an idea I have discussed before in an essay on Seriality and Neutrality; in 1963 Ed Ruscha published Twenty-six Gasoline Stations (1), a modest publication containing 26 nondescript monochrome photographs of petrol stations between Ruscha’s … Continue reading

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Hans Eijkelboom: People of The Twenty-First Century

As one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century August Sander (here), has inspired a diverse group of practitioners across several generations including Diane Arbus, Andreas Gursky, the Bechers and Irving Penn but perhaps his work’s most direct descendant is a conceptual … Continue reading

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Square Mile Post Shoot Research

Having completed, processed and published excerpts from the Square Mile shoot I sense that it has the makings of a longer term project that might run in parallel with the Identity and Place course. Following a comment from Kate Aston, … Continue reading

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