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Hans Eijkelboom: People of The Twenty-First Century

As one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century August Sander (here), has inspired a diverse group of practitioners across several generations including Diane Arbus, Andreas Gursky, the Bechers and Irving Penn but perhaps his work’s most direct descendant is a conceptual … Continue reading

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Background as Context: August Sander

As previously discussed (here) August Sander’s body of work is huge, his archive includes 40,000 photographs and many others were destroyed by the Nazis to by the Allied bombing of Cologne. I have restricted my analysis of his compositional techniques to the … Continue reading

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August Sander: Typologist

In an age when contemporary portrait photography can appear detached, in terms of influence, from the notable photographers of the nineteenth and early twentieth century it is interesting to hear Alec Soth sing the praises of a humble, jobbing, studio photographer from a … Continue reading

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Square Mile Post Shoot Research

Having completed, processed and published excerpts from the Square Mile shoot I sense that it has the makings of a longer term project that might run in parallel with the Identity and Place course. Following a comment from Kate Aston, … Continue reading

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