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Assignment 5 Rework: Hanging On

Notes on Rework Following a conversation with my tutor and after receiving his formal feedback (here) I have reworked this series. It was pointed out that the series lacked a title; I had one or two different ideas in mind: … Continue reading

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Assignment 5: Crackmoor Farm

Background In the late 18th century British painters began to turn their attention away from the classic and romantic cities of The Grand Tour (i) to breath new life into English landscape painting which, until this time, had been a lowly, but distinctly British, … Continue reading

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A5 Research: Scott McFarland – A Layered Multiplicity of Time

My previous research for assignment 5 has been concerned predominantly with subject matter; specifically the representation of farming and the rural landscape but, whilst Scott McFarland touches on these subjects, I am more interested here in his photographic processes and the … Continue reading

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The Handwritten Word

The image and text come together in many different forms and so frequently that we usually view photographs in the context of accompanying text. Most commonly the text is external to the frame, a caption, title or a longer piece of writing … Continue reading

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People at Work and Charlotte Schrieber

I based an earlier investigation into typologies on people working on a small rural industrial estate on the Surrey Hampshire borders (here). The main reference point was August Sander (here) but I was conscious of a small number of other photographers who had … Continue reading

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