Assignment 5: Tutor Feedback

Feedback was provided during a telephone conversation on 5th December 2106.

As we discussed over the phone, I believe that you have produced an excellent project. The submission demonstrates both your technical and contextual skills. It’s clear that you have pushed your practice along with your conceptual understanding. This is demonstrated through all the hard work that you have applied right the way through the course. This final submission is a culmination of the learning that you have undertaken. You have evidenced that you were prepared to push your creativity and take yourself out of your comfort zone. The success though is really down to your ability to apply critical analysis to contemporary photographic practitioners and relate this to your own work. Throughout the course you have engaged in fantastic research resulting in considered and well informed reflections. These reflections and your willingness to critique alternative methodologies has developed your appreciation and understanding of the complexities of photography and ultimately pushed your personal practice.

The final images are very successful. Your commitment and enthusiasm is really impressive. The methodology that you have employed identifies your inspirations and references yet they are not pastiches, your personal vision is evident. Collaborating with your subjects has aided your concept and visual strategy. Overall the series is strong and works well as a coherent set of images. As I commented on though, you should reflect again on the relation of image 4 and 7 with the rest of the series. Essentially these images are repeating 3 and 8 and upset the rhythm slightly but it’s not a major issue, just an editing point to be aware of. Your composite skills appear to be sound but do review again once you have produced the final prints as visuals have a tendency of looking different in print form to digital.

I agree that images 4 and 7 are unnecessary and I will remove them at rework to make the series tighter. I have completed test prints for the composite photographs and at A3 they appear to still work well.

When we spoke on the phone we discussed at some length why I had used composite strategies. There were two aspects in my mind; firstly that I wanted throughout the series to challenge the documentary nature of the series and then, secondly, there were practical and logistical challenges to get the right combination of settings and subject. 

Clearly you are aware of the assessment process due to your previous submissions. Just make sure that all physical work is presented in an appropriate and professional form. Prints are produced to the best of your ability and uniformed and presented in a portfolio box with the relevant information. It’s a great idea to produce a document that explains in a coherent and minimal way were all the appropriate information can be found online and physically.

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7 Responses to Assignment 5: Tutor Feedback

  1. Steve – man this is fantastic feedback!!

    Well done Allan

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Catherine says:

    You’ve produced such impressive work and this feedback confirms how much progress you’ve made. Along the way you’ve also introduced me to some inspiring photographers and I’ve learned a lot from your blog posts.
    Congratulations and looking forward to following you on Level 2.

  3. lynda512863 says:

    Well done Steve! Great feedback and well deserved. You’ve set the bar very high for those of us following behind 🙂

  4. Thank you Lynda – I’m sure that you will soon raise it to another level.

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