Assignment 2: Subject’s Feedback


As previously mentioned after the first shoot at each farm I shared a selection of prints with Greg Kellaway, his wife Jen and their daughter Lara. Lewis their son and the second subject of the series was on his own farm. Greg’s mother, Grace, joined us after this photograph was taken. The prints generated lively debate and I have noted some of the remarks below.

I had decided to share and discuss some of the early photographs partly from having seen the reactions gained by Kaylynn Deveney from her subject Bert Hastings (here) which emphasise in a very simple way the variety of easy in which a single photograph can be read. I thought that this would be especially interesting as an outsider gathering the comments of expert insiders.

the second and more important reason was about respect. The Kellaway family and especially Greg and Lewis were very generous to allow me onto their farm and to generally be getting in the way whilst they were busy. I wanted to be certain that non of the photographs exploited their generosity or embarrassed them in any way. The overall reaction was that the pictures were a honest reflection of dairy farming and the comments speak for themselves.





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